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Know Where to Focus

Focus your marketing initiatives, time, money and resources on the optimal path to growth EARLY



Navigating growth while balancing resourcing is critical in any size organization, AND for startups and early stage companies it's essential. 

Establishing your “True North” marketing and brand strategy very early in your evolution and growth ensures you clearly chart your optimal path early. AND have the metrics to consistently gauge progress.

The value of establishing your True North marketing and brand strategy is to ensure that resources (time, money, people, programs) are focused and purposeful. 


So whether there is  $1 or $1 million to dedicate to marketing initiatives, each will purposefully contribute to achieving
business objectives, via a focused, defined and measured path. 


Why risk diffusion?

As the founder of TrueNorth, and as a proven marketing and brand strategist, I am seeking to co-create success with you, so that your vision and mission for making a positive impact and sustained growth are achieved. 

30+ years developing marketing and brand strategy, teams and programs, for leading organizations.



Aligning Expectations

Why Susan and TrueNorth

Marketing Director

"Susan’s passion for strategic and brand excellence have differentiated her as an invaluable team member. Her natural ability to discern and understand intellectual and emotional information sets her apart from her peers, and has ensured that her expertise is in demand across the spectrum of marketing initiatives and activities."

Area Sales Vice President

"I highly recommend Susan for any company, big or small, needing to build a stronger brand, create a meaningful value proposition, develop cohesion and “buy in” on their team and with their customers. Susan is a top marketing and brand strategist who has an ability to touch your customer’s or patients to make them take action."

Senior Brand Manager

"Susan is a true leader in every sense. Not only does she bring innovative ideas to the table, she empowers everyone around her to act on them. She is inspiring, and strategic in thought all at the same time."

Director Digital Strategy

"Susan is a visionary marketing strategist who can see what needs to be done years ahead of her colleagues."

Visual Storyteller

"Susan provides incredible strategic direction and vision, patience in teaching complex concepts to empower others and a "patients first" mentality that won't quit."

Senior Vice President

"Susan is the most creative marketer I have encountered in my career."

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