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Susan Willig

Chief Brand Strategist and Founder of TrueNorth

I am a visionary marketing executive with a proven career in global brand and marketing strategy for market leaders such as Edwards Lifesciences, Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis, and Gateway computer.


I have invested to uniquely establish myself as a pioneer and leader in harnessing the power of digital innovation in the medical device industry to positively impact patient care.


I bring an exceptional blend of experience effectively engaging patients, healthcare practitioners, businesses and consumers (B2B/B2B2C audiences), creating impactful programs and building teams, which deepen engagement.


I am passionate and committed to achieving health access equity and forged partnerships to create unique educational outreach opportunities. 


I continuously pursue learning, earning a behavioral science certificate from Chicago School of Psychology to complement my MBA from Xavier University and a BS in Business Marketing from Wright State University.

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