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Why Build Your TrueNorth?

You have a vision.  A passionate commitment to bringing your innovation to the market, and more personally to the people who need it.

Many case studies have been written about the tragic fate of “the best product (or service)” failing due to lack of focus – and most specifically not clearly articulating the relevant, value proposition to the right audience at the right time via the right channel.

Establishing YOUR TrueNorth marketing and brand strategy enables you to focus your time, money, resources on the optimal path forward.  The optimal path to growth.  The optimal path to achieving your clearly articulated business objective.

"Strategy is not about the long term or the short term, but about the fundamentals of how the business works…  To get a grip on strategy, we do not need to lengthen the time horizon of our thinking, but its depth… strategy is about what we are going to do now in order to shape the future to our advantage."


Harvard Business Review – Five Myths About Strategy

I have led marketing teams in the startup world and have advised executives with startups.  

I often hear:

"Well, we are almost out of money BUT we now have a new value proposition, which will resonate (I hope).  We squandered our initial marketing investment by communicating the wrong message to our target customers.”


​​“We NOW know who we should target for this <product, service, tech platform>.”


“We need to stand out to attract investors; I’m not sure how to differentiate us from our competition.”


“We don’t have enough money to hire a chief marketing officer and team but we need a web site and some social media.”


“Oh, I wasn’t thinking about my portfolio strategy now.  And I see how this makes my go to market strategy more compelling.”


“I’m not even thinking about marketing and branding now.  I am too busy getting my next round of funding.”

"A strategy is not a plan, it is a framework for decision-making, a set of guiding principles which can be applied as the situation evolves.  And most start-ups fail because being able to turn on a dime doesn’t mean that you’ll turn in the right direction."


Harvard Business Review – Five Myths About Strategy

I invite you to collaborate with me to uncover (and communicate) that which will help you stand out to your stakeholders, GROW, and reach YOUR TrueNorth objective.

"Successful start-ups actually do a lot of hard thinking about fundamentals, questioning and testing basic assumptions with a rigor that incumbents would do well to emulate. Start-ups have to, because their resources are extremely scarce. If they don’t have a coherent strategy, they will make poor resource allocation decisions, and for them that will not mean a fall in earnings, but death."


Harvard Business Review – Five Myths About Strategy

Building the Foundation

I focus on your TrueNorth strategic foundation.  


Building this first informs your tactics, programs, and can even inform your product roadmap.  


It protects every investment you make in any communication (including your pitch deck) to ensure it achieves maximum impact.

What TrueNorth is NOT.

In marketing and brand strategy it is equally important to note that which you are NOT.

Not an advertising agency.
Though I can guide the agency for you if needed.  AND I have trusted resources (content developers, researchers, agencies, etc.) with whom I have worked and can make recommendations to fit your needs.


Not a consulting firm.
I am an advisor, and extension of you and your vision and your team.  I will work alongside you to deliver your TrueNorth foundation from which you can propel growth.


Not a temporary tactical implementer.
Your TrueNorth is not your “shiny penny” tactical tweet. Built upon years of experience and expertise in the science of marketing, the science of brand strategy and the science of behavioral economics.

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